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MoyoGems Trophies for the LVMH’s Voices of Inclusion Index Awards


On the occasion of the LVMH's Voice of Inclusion Awards, Repossi is honored to have been selected to create trophies with MoyoGems stones.

MoyoGems is an organization that collaborates with women working in artisanal gemstone extraction in the Umba Valley, Tanzania, enabling them to work with financial security and establish stable markets for fair trade.

These stones are used for the Chromatic Sapphires collection, a collaboration between the iconic Serti sur Vide ring collection and a commitment to sustainability and sisterhood - values dear to Repossi.

These trophies, symbolizing our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion, are adorned with carefully chosen gemstones, featuring inclusions and multiple facets, making them unique and echoing the depth of the inclusion we celebrate.