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10 years of Serti Sur Vide
Chapter one


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Serti Sur Vide Repossi commemorates the collection in 2024 with two High Jewellery distinct chapters.

The first chapter was revealed in January.  It revisit the collection's foundational principles and honor neo-worn pieces, carefully curated from the House's archives. 


Repossi, a jewellery and high jewellery house existing since three generations, perpetuates the inherited family tradition of jewelry with it originating in 1957 in Turin. Gaia Repossi, Creative Director, has regenerated the vision of the house by reinventing the traditional codes of jewellery. High Jewellery creations are hand-made in Paris and Italy with the most prestigious ateliers, all re-known for mastering their art to reveal the quintessence of our high jewelry creations.


The most beautiful stones are selected to enhance the designs and to perfectly match with them. Very strict specifications are followed to ensure the perfection of all our stones, especially when it comes to the shape that is the dearest to Gaia Repossi; the pear-shape diamonds and which are at the heart of most our High-Jewellery creations.


This collection reinvents traditional high jewelry standards. It features pear-shaped center stones that appear to float in a minimalist, contemporary designs thanks to a uniquely shaped setting called the "Eiffel Tower", demonstrating the technical expertise of the Maison.