High Jewellery

High Jewellery

Repossi perpetuates the creative family heritage of three generations as a jewellery and high jewellery house.

The creation of high jewellery has always been at the center of the Maison’s activity and serves continuously as point of departure for permanent iconic collections, such as Serti Inversé and Blast.

Serti Inversé

Like a wave pulling on its gravitational opposite, or a split-second slice through centrifugal force, Serti Inversé creates beauty through tension. Diamonds are swept across the body and then elevated, seemingly into mid-air, cradled by precious gold.


Inspired by tribal and African hand crafted, stacked gold bangles and attracted by the idea of simple gold bands, Gaia Repossi remains loyal to her signature style which combines the concept of stacking with floating diamonds. The collection’s expression of minimal design is both graphic and refined, defining ultimate elegance within high-end jewellery.


Like staccato bursts of light flashing across the lines of the body, the Brevis collection becomes a contemporary variation of classical sheet music. The Serti sur Vide collection is expressed in new compositions, a high jewellery harmonic giving rhythm and structure to a visual symphony. Necklaces, rings and bracelets make for an abstract and unusual punctuation, one beat away from an abbreviated, but unforgettable, collection.